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Cobblestone streets, churches, museums, historical sites and other monuments, finally, the whole set of the Portuguese colonial style, which is very homogeneous, bewitches the tourist who visits Tiradentes.

The tourism in the city has been growing and offers tourist infrastructure to the visitor who disposes of excellent quality hotels, lodgings, restaurants, bars, studios, shops of craftwork and antique dealers. It is also worthwhile tour the near village of Bichinho for its handcraft.

Visiting Father Toledo Museum, Saint Anthony Main Church, the afro brazilian Our Lady of the Rosary Church and sightseeing the town including Saint Joseph Water Fountain and Largo das Forras


Tour Guide Brazil - Alameda Eponina Ruas, 99 - Ouro Preto MG Brazil - Phones : 55 31 99067717 / 55 31 88910751 / 55 31 35523868


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