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Diamantina Brazil

Diamantina, 300 kms from the state capital, is a important town from a historical point of view.

The town holds the titles of Historical National heritage and world's heritage by UNESCO. It’s one of the richest cultural and tourist itineraries of Brazil. Birth-place of the former president Juscelino Kubitschek, Diamantina is the city of Serenades and Vesperatas. Currently Diamantina has a good number of good hotels, restaurants and nice night life.

Visiting Diamond Museum, Institute Eschwege, Churches of Carmo, Rosary and Saint Francis of Assisi, Farmer's Market, Chica da Silva and Juscelino Kubitschek Houses


( 31 3552386831 / 31 92114686 (TIM) / 31 98103300 (VIVO) / 31 88863868 (OI) PLANTÃO: 31 88910751 (OI) / 31 99067717 (TIM)


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