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Formerly Tour Guide Brazil, OURO PRETO TRAVEL is an agency that offers exclusively travel incoming services in Minas Gerais State Brazil. We are specialized in historic cities at gold and diamond circuit, caves and mines. Cultural tourism of high quality.

Based in the town of Ouro Preto because its geographical position is the most central regarding other colonial towns in the state, making easy a nearer contact with our clients and consequently a better support to them. Our address is 99 Eponina Ruas St. Ouro Preto and we dispose a "twenty four - seven" duty by the bellow telephone numbers.

OURO PRETO TRAVEL's director, Pedro Paulo Pinto, is over 29 years in incoming tourism business and went thru three major "schools" in his professional formation. His career began as tour guide in Rio de Janeiro, after that historical cities like Ouro Preto and Tiradentes, Orlando Florida and then back to his birth place : The State of Minas Gerais Brazil. He met in person professionals who today work for OURO PRETO TRAVEL. The quality of tour guides, hotels, restaurants, commerce and other hospitality sectors services were and keep on being known in person by our director. Our goal is the quality of services in our packages, tours, transfers, accommodation bookings or simply ground  transportation.

Be very welcome to OURO PRETO TRAVEL website. Your incoming travel agency in Ouro Preto and other colonial sites Minas Gerais State Brazil

( 31 3552386831 / 31 92114686 (TIM) / 31 98103300 (VIVO) / 31 88863868 (OI) PLANTÃO: 31 88910751 (OI) / 31 99067717 (TIM)


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